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Brett Keller, Budget Wax
Name & Country
Brett Keller, United States

How did your passion for music start?
My passion for music started by watching skateboard videos when I was 10 years old. Eventually I got a guitar at 12 which led to me going to Audio Production school in Nashville. After graduating college I started doing live sound and getting more into samplers, and synthesizers.

Which are the biggest influences in your music?
My biggest influences are Easy Mo Bee, Neil Young, Smokey Robinson.

Current studio setup? Tell us a little bit about your creative process.
My current studio setup is, my Akai MPC 1000 into the Elektron Digitone. The MPC handles all of my drums and samples while the Digitone provides me with pads, bass lines, lead melodies, and additional percussion/SFX. Those tracks are then recorded into Pro Tools where i get the song structured and mixed. I then export those tracks to my Roland SP-404SX. I recored the track back into Pro Tools with the addition of the MFX on the 404.

Favorite piece of gear right now, and why?
My favorite peace of gear right now is the Elektron Digitone. It is the perfect addition to the MPC to really fill out the sound. It is also great to use as a stand alone device. The sequencer in it is unreal!

Current projects?
I just released an album of my Bandcamp page titled "Cat and Mouse". It was a collaborative effort with my two friends Ben Roth (Sleepy Limbs) and Rob Nye (The Neilsen Family Band). I have an album coming out on Spotify and all other streaming services later this month entitled "Holy Hell".

A question we didn’t ask.
Q: What piece of gear do you wish you had?
A: I would love to add a Digitakt to use with the Digitone.


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