Carlos Mario Moreno


Carlos Mario Moreno was a good friend, singer, musician and a very special human being. Some of you probably know him from his Instagram profile, where he used to share music making videos.
He died of Covid, on February 24-2021, at the age of 61.

Carlos Mario Moreno
Name & Country
Carlos Mario Moreno, United States

How did your passion for music start?
Started when I was six years old. Watching my brothers rehearse with their band Los Viking’s from El Salvador.

Which are the biggest influences in your music?
Beatles, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Yes, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and later Queen, Jimmy Hendrix, Rush, Genesis, Etc.

Current studio setup? Tell us a little bit about your creative process.
I don’t have a studio set up, because limited space issues where I live. Whenever I feel like recording something with the gear I have in storage, I pull up a chair an a small foldable table and start experimenting/practicing.

Favorite piece of gear right now, and why?
Teenage Engineering OP-1 and OP-Z To me is very important because portability and infinite musical possibilities in such a small body and the possibility to take it anywhere.

Current projects?
Because of Covid-19 all projects are in the air right now.

A question we didn’t ask.
I am a Lead Singer of an Spanish music band named Los Viking’s (Later on the original singer due to health was not able to continue with the band) from El Salvador they originated back in the mid 60’s creating music of their own and doing covers of Italian hits.
At the time a friend going to college in Italy was providing the music that was popular there for example songs like "Tutta Mia la Città" from Equipe 84 or "7 e 40" from Lucio Battisti, etc. Those were translated into Spanish, so their music gained popularity in Central America and Mexico.
So my background in music has nothing to do with the music I am doing now, especially on Instagram, it is more than anything an experimentation creating sounds among Old and New gear.
Also lately my fascination for Ambient music has grown; waiting to see where this journey will take us.


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