Jordy Simons


Jordy Simons

Name & Country
Jordy Simons, Helmond - The Netherlands.

How did your passion for music start?
My passion for music started with Joey Chavez and Alchemist's early appearances on Buc Fifty joints; I was like yeah that's what I wanna do! Started with Fruity Loops 4.5.1 and a boombox, trying to fit in my own sound, of course with a twist of ALC grimeyness.

A few years later my ears needed better speakers, I also found an MPC-2500 at our local music store, which I got for 5-600 dollars, that was my machine until this day. An SP-404 was like a tryout toybox I also got just for fun, but in the end turned out to be the perfect match as my FX unit or bus compressor.

Which are the biggest influences in your music?
For inspiration, Sid Roams, Alchemist, Havoc and Premier are the ones that did it for me. I always wanted my drums to sound like theirs did, or "how did they flip those samples like that?" Wait, I gotta find out... hahah
Somehow I started building my own sound and tricks, which I knew worked to get people's attention.

I started making synthpatches around 2010, and wanted them to sound like library records; for example Claude Larson or Paul Hertzog. They had dreamy pads or an original type of sound that could be used in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

Current studio setup? Tell us a little bit about your creative process.
My main setup consists of Akai MPC-2500 & SP-404 MK2, turntable and a big stash of records including library music, Yamaha Reface CS, some vintage rack modules, like the Korg R3 or Ensoniq modules, a Prophet-X synth, and a few pedals which I love so much! They create magic on every sound.

I found a way to record on my MPC by using multiple miditracks, I can't really play keys that good, but playing layer after layer can make you a pretty good musician, when you are wrapping up a track in the end.

Jordy Simons's Studio

Favorite piece of gear right now, and why?
I have to say I switch gear every once in a while, maybe more than average. Some think that's stupid, I dont, I get motived by new sounds.

Not saying I own tons of gear, sometimes I'd like to say to people "sell everything and start fresh with only a Digitakt and a turntable... try different things". It'll force you to be creative on a new or different level. Try it!

Current projects?
Currently I'm working with a new Dutch formation called Rafting Goods; all legendary MC's from the netherlands.
I did the merch for them because I'm also a graphic designer. Later on I told them I make beats too; dropped a few unused beats in the mail and a vinyl came out few months later. So dope.

I also did some work for Stu Bangas from Boston, we did a few joints for the new Lord Goat album, including Ill Bill, Apathy and Spit Gemz.
We also placed a track on Vinnie Paz and Tragedy Khadafi's album. I'm not the hardest working producer around, but I'm really happy with the sound and placements we got so far, a huge blessing, so proud!

A question we didn’t ask.
Trying to stay productive as long as I can, the fanbase is small, but big enough to get a compliment once in a while, and thats all I need.
Enough to keep building and motivate others to stay creative, build a sound that maybe hasn't been around for years no more. The genres of music and Hip Hop especially is moving so fast.


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