Name & Country
petewonder, United States

How did your passion for music start?
My grandma put a micro Casio in my hands when I was 6. Bought myself a four track in 7th grade. I can’t remember when i wasn’t interested in the synth life. I grew up in the 80s and it stayed with me.

Which are the biggest influences in your music?
Soundtracks have always been a huge inspiration to me. Scarface. Big trouble in little China. Blade runner. Chariots of Fire. Terminator 2. Always loved synth based pop music. The cars. Duran Duran. Kraftwork. Depeche Mode. Nine inch nails. Eurythmics. Then hip hop. The rza. Dj premiere. Alchemist.

Current studio setup? Tell us a little bit about your creative process.
I have several old school synths. Juno 60. Korg dw8000. Oberheim matrix1000. Fender Rhodes. Then some medium school. Moog voyager. Then some new school, OP-1, and oberheim ob6. I use maschine studio for drums and sampling. I have a roland Tr8s for a drum sequencing fix but typically use maschine. I use protools as my master sequencer and sync everything to that. Outboard, I have several pedals. Old school maestro phase shifter. New school, strymon engineering el Capistan, Dig, and big sky. I also have several VSTs but won’t list them.

My process always changes. Sometimes a drum groove, sometimes a chord progression, and sometimes an acapella or something I sample from a fellow artist. Lately I’ve been sampling video and building mashups honoring old and new media that I find funny - Dave Chapelle, soul train etc. — Whichever way the wind blows! 🌬💨

Favorite piece of gear right now, and why?
My current favorite piece of gear is my juno 60. It also has been my favorite piece of gear for ten years. It’s so versatile. Leads. Lush pads. Bass. The arp! The chorus!!! I love it. It’s like my soul connects to it.

Current projects?
Currently I am making a follow up instrumental album to my 2018 release “microdoses” and I am working with two really rad vocalists. Both singer songwriters with some raps to boot.

A question we didn’t ask.
I love Cremacaffè stands! I have been using them several years. I’m all about sustainability, ergonomics, function, and form. The stands fit all four categories with grace and affordability. Cheers!


Petewonder Studio

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