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This one was the last interview with GroovaLottos founding member Eddie Ray Johnson.
"We are devastated by the loss of our founding drummer, mentor, and brother, Eddie Ray Johnson (1962-2020). May he rest in Power and Paradise. Heaven now has a funk groove like no other."
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The GroovaLottos
Name & Country
The GroovaLottos, United States

How did your passion for music start?
We are a band of veteran studio session and touring players with a combined experience of over 50 years of playing soul, jazz , funk, and blues.
Co-founder and drummer, Eddie Ray Johnson fell in love with Music when he saw The Jackson 5 on the Flip Wilson Show. Co-founder and keyboardist, Mwalim, comes from a music family. His first piano teacher was his grandfather, noted band leader and arranger, Allan Nurse. Percussionist, ZYG 808, who at 16 is a Grammy nominated urban music artist and producer in his own right, is Mwalim's son and grew up in music.

Which are the biggest influences in your music?
We have played with many of our idols and influences including Wilson Pickett, Rufus Thomas, The Four Tops, Angie Stone, James Brown, and The Meters.

Current studio setup? Tell us a little bit about your creative process.
Our keyboardist is in the process of building a commercial recording studio, Polyphonic Studios. Put on hold due to the quarantine. Up until now we've been recording at MDI/Area Twenty-Two in Plymouth MA.
Mwalim does most of The writing for the band. He comes up with changes, melodies and lyrics and the band works out the arrangement until it feels good and grooves.

Favorite piece of gear right now, and why?
A QU32 is our favorite piece of gear as it is a 32-channel recording and mixing console and computer that does it all!

Current projects?
We are finishing a remix album, "Mama's Hamper" and a soul-Jazz album, "The Soul Session".

A question we didn’t ask.
Q: What does your regional scene look and sound like?
A: To be honest, New England doesn't really have a soul or hip-hop scene, just a bunch of bands and artists competing for air.
New England has never really had a defining sound or genre either when it comes to soul and hip-hop. While the rest of the region copies New York and Atlanta, we saw this as an opportunity to develop our own sounds which we call, respectively, #SouthCoastThump (Hip-hop, EDM, urban dance) and #SouthCoastSoul


The GroovaLottos

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