Circles - Njordlyd | Ambient Music - Cremacaffe Records

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• 1 Track • 11' 52"
• WAV 16Bit 44.1kHz • MP3 192 kbps
• 130MB Zip archive


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It all started with a combination of a few sounds, which to me has a sort of “circling” effect. However, the sounds also remind me of a very beautiful “Circular Ride” (dark ride) from an Amusement Park in Copenhagen (Denmark) called “The Flying Trunk" (in Danish: Den flyvende Kuffert), which consists of a “continuously-moving” chain of vehicles (trunks). During the ride, the visitors pass several scenes displaying / depicting fairy tales from H.C. Andersen. The beginning and the end of the track resembles boarding and disembarking. Everything in between resembles various “scenes” or “rooms”. How the “scenes” or “rooms” are interpreted, is entirely up to the listener, and is not necessarily meant to resemble the fairy tales from the “Circular Ride”.

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