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Digital Download Specifications

• N.1 SP-404 MK2 Project: 10 banks fully loaded with
160 One-Shot Samples, 40+ Patterns
• 15 MB • 44.1kHz • 16 bit, Mono
• Royalty Free
• BONUS: N.6 custom startup screens / screen savers.

Compatible with the Roland SP-404 MK2 sampler
8 bit · Chiptune

SEGA MS Sounds | SP-404 MK2

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SP-404 MK2 Project

Turn your SP-404 MK2 into a SEGA chiptunes powerhouse!
This project features a collection of one-shot samples (melodics and sound effects) + 10 drum kits, generated by the SEGA Master System sound chip, and tweaked out on the SP-404 MK2. All patterns have been programmed directly on the machine, and the melodic parts are one-note samples played chromatically.

Instant fun - Load the project straight into your SP-404 MK2 and you'll be ready to play 10 different sound banks/kits (a total of 160 sounds), no further programming needed. Each sample has been trimmed, panned, normalized and tweaked on the SP, in order to get the best sound possible, and the smoothest groove out of each kit. You will also find an original pattern/sequence per bank, which was directly programmed on the machine.

Importing a native project into your SP-404 MK2 is the easiest thing; you can either use the Roland SP-404 MKII App (recommended), or else import directly from an SD-Card (page 103, Reference Manual).

TIP: An empty project (1-16) on the machine is needed in order to import a new one; overwriting a project of choice is also possible. In any case the SP will prompt you on how to proceed. Regular backups of your projects are a good practice.

BONUS included:
N.6 custom startup screens / screen savers.
How to customize the SP-404 MK2 startup image and screen saver.

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