Hello! The Sounds you find here are curated/created by Andrea & Elisa from Cremacaffè Design.
We aim at bringing here the same producer - centered level of detail, usability and fun you find in our stands and accessories, since 2013.

Elisa Andretti is an architect & designer, experimenting at all available scales with natural materials, structural geometries and sustainable lifecycles. Her studies and working experience span between Malta, Italy and Finland (MSc. Architecture, Italy 2007; MSc. Creative Sustainability, Aalto University, Finland 2014; European Prize for Waste Reduction, Bruxelles 2010). Elisa takes care of all Cremacaffè designs, and is currently involved in art & architecture projects between Finland and Sicily.

Andrea Milana is a marketing specialist with a passion for music making and digital media. A synth enthusiast, engaged in the music industry for a lifetime, Andrea has co-owned three recording studios, in Italy and in Malta, and has worked for Roland (Italy), Propellerhead (Malta) and Genelec (Finland) between 2001 and 2014. He’s the media mind behind Cremacaffè Design.

Manfria, Sicily