Hello! The Sounds you find here are curated/created by Andrea & Elisa from Cremacaffè Design.
We aim at bringing here the same producer - centered level of detail, usability and fun you find in our stands and accessories, since 2013.

CremaSound puts Music in focus as the very core of our shared interests. Producers who have been supporting us through the years will be able to find and share here Sound Libraries, Artist Portraits and lots of fresh Music.

To the Musician &/or Producer who is reading this: we would love to hear more about your artistic path, and share it with the world. No prerequisites: it's your art and passion which counts.
If you wish to contribute, please send us a couple of pictures you like (e.g. profile pic., your setup or favorite instrument), and answer our interview questions. We will feature you in our Artist Portraits Blog.

Interview Questions
• Name & Country
• How did your passion for music start?
• Which are the biggest influences in your music?
• Current studio setup and creative process.
• Favorite piece of gear right now, and why?
• Current projects?
• Something you would like us to know about
• 1-2 profile links

Manfria, Sicily