SP-404 Beat Challenge 04


SP-404 MK2 Beat Challenge by CremaSound.Shop

SP-404 BEAT CHALLENGE // January 2024
• All SP-404 models allowed: OG · SX/A · MKII
• Submissions end on Feb. 15th
• A judge panel will vote and select the best two beats.

SP-404 Beat Challenge 04 - CremaSound.Shop

. Use sounds from the challenge sample pack only
2. Create and mix your beat on the SP-404 alone
3. Minimum beat length must be 1:30 minutes
4. Share a video of your live beat performace (or of the sequencer playing the beat).
The video must clearly shows that the beat was entirely made and performed/executed on the machine alone.
Use the following tags on Facebook and/or Instagram:
#cremabeat #cremasound #cremasp404 @cremacaffeshop @sp404mk2
5. Add a comment with the link to your video on the Challenge post, on FaceBook
. Use the contact-form to send us your beat (WAV or AIFF format) via Dropbox,
along with a link to the video/post you shared on social media.
7. Name your beat file CREMA-BC-04_YourName

Find here below a Beat Challenge sticker you can use in your video (not mandatory).

SP-404 Beat Challenge sticker - CremaSound.Shop


1st Beat: €20 CremaSound Coupon
2nd Beat: €15 Coupon
3rd Beat: €10 Coupon

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SP-404 Beat Challenge 04 - Judge Panel

Daruma BeatsCourtney OdomDephraseDamon FloresAndrea Milana

February 20, 2024


My first choice is Sub-T, as I really liked the groove the beat carried on through out the performance, even though the sound lacked audio quality due to the reocording from the speakers instead of directly from the line-out of the SP.
Overall good rhythmic use of the samples provided.

My second choice is Spitlogic. I liked the use of patterns and the way they built on the more complex beat structure, while making a thoughful use of effects and keeping the right timing. The fact that this beat differentiated itself from the classic hip hop sound, was a plus factor too.

Courtney Odom

My first pick is Gouken. The over all sound quality on this track made it very listenable and I enjoyed how it evolved over time. I felt like the artist took the samples and really brought them into their world.
The second is Don Ang. I really like how his bass starts things off. I'm a sucker for that sound and I think he made something very interesting that has a unique spin on the samples. He kept bringing me back after kind of taking me on little side journeys and I really enjoyed that part of his jam.

The main deciding factor for me was how the whole song rolled out over time. I loved Don Ang's approach but it was Gouken who kept it tight the whole track through.


I picked the two beats I felt used the sample most creatively and had varying parts. I did my best to put my personal taste aside and focus primarily on creativity.

Vending Machine Sound: This was my favorite beat overall. Incredibly defined mix, especially for something that was all-SP. Loved the use of “scratching” with the vocal samples, and the intro hooked me from the beginning.

Moongriffin: I think the creativity award goes to this one. The chop was weirder (in a good way) than the rest of the submissions, and thought the groove was disjointed at times, it was just broken enough to be pieced back together just when I thought the bottom would fall out from under me. Loved the re-pitching and glitching throughout the performance as well.

Damon Flores

Besides listening to the beat, I also looked at how the contestants presented themselves. So these 2 had in my opinion the best of both.

1 Sub-T : Great funky and groovy vibes, good live performance and nice variation in the beat.
2 Vending Machine Sound : Nice intro and good live performance, enough variation in the beat, mix is well balanced but the drums could use a bit more punch/weight.

Andrea Milana

1st beat. Gouken
Although I find a little annoying the out of tune bass line, I like everything else from the performance, use of effects, "arrangement" and the overall sound quality and mix.

2nd beat. Sub-T
First of all I would recommend recording the line (or headphone) out directly from the SP next time, for a better sound quality experience. As in my first choice what I usually look at in the beats, is live performance skills, musical use of the effects and their timing, beat structure (arrangement), and a creative use of the samples provided.



latest update: Feb. 20th

01) VJRetro · 02) Sub-T · 03) Gouken · 04) Momz · 05) Vending Machine Sound · 06) Cosmic Way Staation · 07) TCtheRipper
· 08) Don Ang · 09) Aerianah Way · 10) Jan Grüntjes beat · 11) SpitLogic · 12) Tabarnak de Beats · 13) Jan Grüntjes beat 2 (removed by the user) · 14) Moongriffin · 15) C.Stilen.One · 16) iii_rap

February 20, 2024

1st place: Sub-T
2nd place: Gouken, Vending Machine Sound
3rd place: Moongriffin, Spitlogic, Don Ang


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