Tom Durkin, aka SPVIDZ (profile picture)

UK based beatmaker and Youtuber, SPVIDZ has enormusly contributed to the SP Community over the years, with his user-friendly tutorials and tips mainly dedicated to the Roland SP samplers, sharing first-hand knowledge and creating sample packs best suited for LoFi Hip Hop music.
NONJUROR (profile picture)

Lab coat deviant fiendishly composing the mad note while his PS3 is loading...
Nonjuror is an Australian Hip Hop guitarist, producer, composer, deutsches Bier enthusiast and occasional Rubik's Cube dismantler now living in Hamburg, Germany.

Francesca Fisichella (profile picture)

Francesca takes care of audio editing and public domain-based releases at Cremasound. An all-round Crafter with decades of experience in three dimensional physical modelling (she is the Author of our SP-404 posable Amigurumi), she puts her great imagination and eye for detail to good use in our digital world, too.

HECTIC (profile picture)

Hectic is a multi-genre producer from London, UK. Releases including ''Push'', "Todos" and "Snap It" (all featuring Melleefresh) as well as a ton of remixes for an incredibly diverse range of artists, show off Hectic's unique style of production. He has also received radio play and support from DJs on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss FM, XFM, Sub FM and Reprezent Radio. Hectic embraces new music technology and is always on the lookout for interesting pieces of kit to add to his studio.
KOTO (profile picture)

Pixel Art Artist and software engineer, KOTO has been hand-drawing many of the image packs available exclusively on CremaSound, which also double as startup screens for the Roland SP-404 MK2 sampler.
KOTO's works include animations and characters design for retro video games.

Check out his work in our Pixel Art section.