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Analog Mastering - CremaSound.Shop


Analog Mastering

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Our Mastering service focuses on Hip Hop, LoFi, and Acoustic music.
Not sure if your mix is ready for mastering? Request a free mix evaluation here.


Type of Work : Stereo Master
Turnaround : Select how quick you need your master back

Click on Add to the Cart, once, if you are sending in one track only, or as many times as the number of the tracks you would like to get mastered. Once checkout is complete you can share your WAV or AIFF files with us via Dropbox or WeTransfer, using the Contact Form.

Above all, a custom service tailored to your needs and style, which can never be achieved by any AI digital algorithms, plus that warm, thick and silky sound we all love, especially in this type of music.

• Analog Equipment Mastering : Processing includes EQ, compression, limiting, saturation, and stereo widening, in order to achieve a wider, more detailed and controlled sound.
• High Quality 96K WAV
: Stereo master download includes 96k / 48k / 44.1k 24bit wav / 44.1k 16bit wav
• 2 Revisions Included : Two revisions per track guaranteeing you will be 100% happy with the end result.


Before exporting your mixdown, remove or turn off all plugins from your master bus that effect dynamic range such as Compressor or Limiter, so that we can work on a mix that has full dynamic range and we are able to compress and limit as needed.
• File Type: Wav / Aiff , Bitrate: 16/24/32bit , Sample Rate: 44,1kHz - 96kHz , Headroom: -3db / -6db.
(mp3 is not ideal, but if that's the only option available, we'll make it work)

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