CASIO VL-Tone Synth - Sound Library

Digital Download Specifications

鈥 N. 5 Factory Presets One-Shots & Multisamples (540 files)
鈥 N. 10 Factory Rhythm Loops
鈥 Rhythm Construction Kit
鈥 REX files included for every preset and loop
鈥 Factory Audio Demo in 3 different scales
鈥 Metadata included (PDF, CSV)
鈥 350MB 鈥 WAV 44.1kHz 24Bit 鈥 Mono
鈥 Royalty Free

Compatible with any sampler, sequencer, DAW that handles WAV files.
8 bit 路 Chiptune

CASIO VL-Tone Synth

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If you're after some of the most iconic lofi sounds, you can't go wrong with the CASIO VL-1. This is the most comprehensive sound library on this device you'll ever find.

This little synth has inspired so many producers worldwide, you have no idea. Nowadays it can be seen proudly sitting on the desk of countless home studios (and even in some high-end recording studios), next to expensive gear of every kind. Ever heard of the TE OP-1? Guess where the inspiration came from ;-)

And now some Wiki-insights into this cult synth.

The VL-1 was the first instrument of Casio's VL-Tone product line, and is sometimes referred to as the VL-Tone. It combined a calculator, a monophonic synthesizer, and sequencer.
Released in June 1979, it was CASIO's first commercial digital synthesizer.

The VL-1 is notable for its kitsch value among electronic musicians, due to its cheap construction and its unrealistic, uniquely low-fidelity sounds. It acquired enduring notability in 1982, when the German band Trio used it in one of their songs, the "faux-Kraftwerk tune", "Da Da Da". They used the Rock-1 rhythm preset and the Piano voice.

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