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• N. 47 sample chops
• 27 MB • WAV 44.1 kHz • 16 Bit • Stereo
• CC BY license

Compatible with any sampler, sequencer, DAW that handles WAV files.
Adventure · Drama

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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Matt Reeves, 2014 | Trailer Chops
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Caesar, a chimpanzee and leader of the evolved apes, allows a human family into his territory. However, due to a vindictive bonobo, misunderstandings arise between the two species, resulting in war.
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In this Trailer Chops library you will find sample chops from the movie's original theatrical trailer, divided per category: SFX, Music, Dialogue.
WAV files have been edited applying some EQ and Normalization.

Cremacaffe Trailer Chops series features works in the public domain only.

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