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Digital Download Specifications

• 60 minutes, 59 files
• 1 GB • WAV 44.1-48kHz 24 Bit, Stereo
• Royalty Free

Compatible with any sampler, sequencer, DAW that handles WAV files.
Field Recording

Electromagnetic Radiations

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Beautiful sounds constantly surround us. Many of them stay hidden, and it takes some effort to reveal them. Electrical and electronic devices generate electromagnetic fields which can be listened to through special equipment, i.e. the Sorte Muld EMF. Such recordings are often used as material for further processing, thus generating completely new sounds.

In this royalty free sound library you will find: drones, bleeps, hums & hisses, noise rhythms, static, high & low pitch sounds, whooshes, data processing, buzz tones, noisy and glitchy textures. Please be careful when listening to the recordings, as some of these sounds are harsh, loud and glitchy.

Recorded devices
Rotary Tool, Power Strip, Lab Switchboard, Floor Fan, Huawei Smartphone, Macbook Pro, HP Laptop (WinXP), LCD Monitor, Xerox Printer, Brother WiFi Printer, H1n digital recorder

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