Nonjuror Art Stash - SP-404 MK2 startup images - CremaSound.Shop
Nonjuror Art Stash - SP-404 MK2 startup images - CremaSound.Shop

1-bit Pixel Art

Nonjuror Art Stash - SP-404 MK2

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This product is a digital download file.

Looking for ready-to-go opening screen images to customize your Roland SP-404 MKII sampler? You've come to the right place 😎🔥
Retrogaming, 80's cartoons, anime and graffiti culture, cult movies, synths and more! Check out the video on this page, to learn how to create & install your custom graphics!

Designs included in this Collection: Autobot, Batman, Cassette, Decepticon, Donkey Kong, Donuts, DOOM, Double Dragon, Duff, Finger, Gameboy 01, 02, Impossible, Mario, Mortal Kombat 01, 02, MPC60II, NES Controller, Pacman, Pong, Reel, Skeletor, Skull, Space Invaders 01, 02, 03, Street Fighters 01, 02, TMNT, Turntable.

Art by Nonjuror

Digital Download Specifications
• 638 KB ZIP file including N. 30 startup screens:
1-bit BITMAP (*.BMP), W128 x H64 Pixels, monochrome.

Instruction on how to use the images available here.

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